How We Help

Here are a few examples of how we have been able to help some young people with money kindly raised with the help of our supporters:-

A young, single parent with an 11 month old baby has moved into a flat, has a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy has requested a washing machine to help make life a little easier which we have been happy to purchase and install.

aladdinA 5 year old little boy has remained an inpatient at The Royal Marsden since February this year. He has a short period before his transplant. We are treating him and has family to a day trip to Longleat. He is also desperate to take his Dad out to Prezzo for his Dad’s birthday meal and we are treating the family on the little boy’s behalf.

We have booked a family to a weekend break at Forest Holidays – a family of 4 and 2 dogs  .The treatment has been exhausting for the family so this welcomed break is just what the family need.

Two separate families asked for a theatre trip to London and dinner for the family. Both have been booked with the best seats in the house and dinner afterwards.

A young man who is palliative and is backward and forward to hospital to manage his symptom. One of his great pleasures is his mother’s cooking which he currently misses due to the oven being broken and a faulty hob. He also has certain limitations to what he can eat now due to the impact of his disease obstruction. We purchased and had installed a new cooker and hob.

ellenor_chequeThe Alexandra Sales Trust donated £5000 to Ellenor who provide care and support for families facing terminal illness in Kent. They were the lovely people who looked after Alexandra at home.

So far we have been able to donate requested gift cards to over 60 patients.

We have helped a young lady, by purchasing a washing machine, dishwasher and cooker to an adapted flat which will help with her care whilst coping with her long-term ongoing treatment.

Arranged a five year old’s birthday part at Kidzania and a meal out.

A bowling experience for a young man and his family and a meal out.

A meal at her favourite restaurant, Hawksmoor, so the young patient can have a ‘cancer free’ evening with her family.

Purchased an Apple Mac (Alex would be so pleased with this one!) to help a young man to carry on with his Engineering studies at home.

A theatre trip and hotel stay is being arranged for a young lady and her family.

We have made our inaugural trip to Top Shop with 6 young people and their carers in London.  We will supply transport, lunch and £500 each to the patients with a personal shopper.  A trip that Alexandra was lucky enough to be awarded and made her so happy.  It was so heartwarming to see her face light up as she explained her day.  This is why we are passionate that we can offer the same.  There are at least 60 young people being treated at one time and we feel privileged that we can offer this.

A trip to the London Eye and a meal out for a young lady and her best friend and carer will be taking place very shortly.

We are sourcing play goods for the children’s ward at The Royal Marsden and they should be taking delivery of this very shortly.  A young patient will also take delivery of the i-pad they have requested.  This will help entertain the young person with their prolonged stay in hospital.


To help a young man by taking away the worry, we are paying for his removal costs to a more suitable accommodation.  This sort of gift makes a huge difference.

Nominations are always coming through from CLIC Sargent so watch this space for more updates.